I’m a visionary artist/writer,  an avant-garde, shamanistic theoretical physicist. I explore my ‘conceptualized’ spirituality’ with my multi-media ‘Thesis-Comics. This is expressed in the forms of short stories, semi-autobiographical graphic novels , speculative meta-philosophical essays – sometimes these styles overlap as I map out my personal  yet all-inclusive multiverse. This is ‘rad art therapy’ for me: remaking my traumatic encounters in a more intimate, healing way, while envisioning Utopian societies.  This is possible with ‘Detraumatization’ on all levels, not just ‘decolonization’ or other crucial social activism. 

My art also defies formal genres, bordering illustration, comics, painting, abstract, representational -though I often use fantastic imagery like monsters, futuristic worlds, technologies. These works can stand on their own, independent of my holistic vision. 

I sell my art as T-shirts, ( some as) original, framed pieces) and prints. I have a Youtube channel dedicated to my audio-readings of my various books.  I’m currently working on a movie script which I hope to be shot as an Anime feature or independent film. I also hope to publish a compendium about my life’s work.