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Dianne Hendershott


Fabric Art, Knitting

Diane's love of art started young. She grew up drawing (copying) cartoons and animals. In junior high/high school she did a lot of paper maché.  A high school project was to create a giant eagle for one of Hyde Park’s early parades. Summers found her in the “Summerthing” program as a photography and arts and crafts instructor. She graduated from UMass Boston in 2006 at age 50 with a BA degree in studio arts. Those courses included photography, printmaking, painting, drawing and bookmaking. Although Diane is a member of the Switch, she would describer herself as more of a “crafter” than an artist.  Her interests don’t lie in one medium and she loves trying a new project or technique. Her mother taught her to sew, her sister taught her to knit and crochet, and a wonderful “hippy” neighbor taught her embroidery. She's self-taught at cross-stitch, rug making and beadwork. Learning cake decorating  launched her into other party type crafts, such as cookie decorating, food crafts, favors, centerpieces and photo backdrops. Diane attended ceramics classes for many years and now runs a weekly ceramics class for seniors. Diane uses recycled items in her art such as colorful fabric scraps and empty wine bottles. A lifelong resident of Hyde Park, she is now retired after working 42 years and busier than ever. There just seems to be not enough time and no end to many more art craft activities she wants to try. 

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