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Diderot Jean-Philippe


2D Artist, Illustrator

Raised in Hyde Park, Diderot Jean Philippe is a creative who has developed a reputation for expressing his visions through art, music, fashion, and events. He is Co-founder of an arts/cultural brand called "The Solefull Lounge", which appeals to individuals who represent Style, Originality, Love, and Education (S.O.L.E).He is currently showcasing and displaying his portraiture(graphite drawing) artwork of his favorite musical and athletic inspirations. He chose this medium because he believes that it enables him to lose his self and find himself at the same time. He also uses this talent as a way to acknowledge the beauty, inspiration, and appreciation he sees in others. He believes that art is a powerful tool that has the ability to bring people together effectively. When he is not pursuing his personal artistic endeavors, he's teaching kindergarten.

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