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Linda Jones-Nadeem

 Born and raised in Roxbury on Elmore Street, I have always loved to draw and make things, but I didn’t have the time to dedicate to Arts the way I wanted to.  In 2018 I experienced a brain tumor which led to surgery with a 20% success rate.   Now, I am not certain, if my current circumstances have caused my increased desire to create art and jewelry. However, lately, when I dream, I visualize what I want to design, it’s as if I had to reinvent myself.  I wake up and create pictures sometimes I see things and I remake them to my liking. Right now, I don’t worry about what I have lost as my vision is dimming, I have to use what God has given me, and I thank Him.  There is no sense in complaining when each day is filled with blessings and I have acknowledged each one placed in front of me.  

I use authentic African fabrics, burlaps various fabrics that blend into the pictures to represent an era or design with a mixed median.  Some of my creations are centered around everyday life and life experiences. My collages also include jewelry, paints imported papers, and memorabilia that clients ask to be added. I noticed that my collages trigger a memory or cause an emotional response when people view my art.  I also design jewelry with the same heart. I am using what God has given me, a purpose to fulfill and I love what I am doing.  What can be better than this?

 I am currently a member of the Switch Art Coop where some of my art and jewelry is on exhibit and for sale.   My website is: (under construction)

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