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Meet Our Artists


Anthony is a lapidary artist turned jewelry maker. His medium is silver and stone. Anthony started as a collector of rocks and minerals and accumulated quite a collection. What now? he asked himself. What to do with all these rocks? He started teaching himself silver-smithing and made the stone and gems the star of the pieces created.

The art of lapidary is basically the cutting of stones, rocks, gems, as well as intarsia (the cutting and joining of different rock material) which is his real passion. Becoming a silversmith has sparked a whole new art from for Anthony. Every time he is at his bench with row after row of cabochons he cut he gets to create something out of silver-- kind of a two for one create a design in stone then silver.

Lately he has been adding a touch of gold to his some of his pieces. Being an artist affiliated with other like minded people and a retail setting is all new to him.He considers himself very fortunate to be a member of The Switch. In a perfect world he would be at his bench 24/7. If you do something you love you never work a day in your life. But he has to work for a living.


Barbara Kibler#3.jpg

I paint to interpret nearby places: a sultry path in a deep woods—a gently flowing stream—the soaring majesty of a spreading beech—a treasured home—or fascinating cityscapes. Nearby Arnold Arboretum, Millennium Park, Stony Brook Reservation and Allendale Woods provide incredible opportunities for me to explore the complexities of nature, changing light and atmosphere, vibrant and quiet colors, and to watch seasons slipping away and rushing back. I am also inspired by patterns of buildings and objects—their intricate angles and reflections and their statements about our city and our lives

I invite you to walk with me: to touch the earth, explore a distant hill, to relax under a near-by oak, and enjoy the penetrating beauty of nature and the world around us.

I use a variety of media: acrylic, watercolor, etching, pen and ink, crayon and other printmaking techniques.  I grew up in East Tennessee and earned a B.A. in fine arts from the Corcoran School of Art and the George Washington University. For over 40 years, I have focused on social justice issues in diverse communities. I have been a teacher, an organizer and the Executive Director of four inner-city organizations. After my recent retirement, I have eagerly returned to my passion for art.



Raised in Hyde Park, Diderot Jean Philippe is a creative who has developed a reputation for expressing his visions through art, music, fashion, and events. He is Co-founder of an arts/cultural brand called "The Solefull Lounge", which appeals to individuals who represent Style, Originality, Love, and Education (S.O.L.E).He is currently showcasing and displaying his portraiture(graphite drawing) artwork of his favorite musical and athletic inspirations. He chose this medium because he believes that it enables him to lose his self and find himself at the same time. He also uses this talent as a way to acknowledge the beauty, inspiration, and appreciation he sees in others. He believes that art is a powerful tool that has the ability to bring people together effectively. When he is not pursuing his personal artistic endeavors, he's teaching kindergarten.




2D Artist, Illustrator


Hendershot, Diane-portrait_edited.jpg

My love of art started young. I grew up drawing (copying) cartoons and animals. In junior high/high school I did a lot of paper mache’.  A high school project was creating a giant eagle for one of Hyde Park’s early parades. Summers found me in the “Summerthing” program as a photography and arts and crafts instructor. I graduated from UMass Boston in 2006 at age 50 with a BA degree in studio arts. Those courses included photography, printmaking, painting, drawing and bookmaking. Although I am a member of the Switch, I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist but more of a “crafter”.  My interests don’t lie in one medium and love trying a new project or technique. My mother taught me to sew.  My sister taught me to knit and crochet, a wonderful “hippy” neighbor taught me embroidery. I’ve taught myself cross-stitch, rug making and beadwork. I’ve taken cake decorating courses. That has launched me into other party type crafts, such as cookie decorating, food crafts, favors, centerpieces and photo backdrops. I attended ceramics classes for many years and now run a weekly ceramics class for seniors. I use recycled items in my art such as colorful fabric scraps and empty wine bottles. A lifelong resident of Hyde Park, I am now retired after working 42 years and busier than ever. There just seems to be not enough time and no end to many more art craft activities I want to try. 




Fabric Art, Knitting



I've been designing since I was a child. My father and I would spend endless hours in our family workshop creating everything from beaded ornaments to walk-in doll houses. I started designing and creating jewelry in earnest about 15 years ago. Romance, nature and old world charm inspire my work. My style ranges from fun vibrant re-purposed and reproduced vintage pieces to elegant romantic inspired bridal jewelry. 

Lisa Trachtman